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Description: Katarina 21 years old - AmateurCreampies (2007) Amateur sex, Creampie Porno HD Online pornissimo.org Katarina is a very hot Russian girl who came to live in LA just recently. She used to be a performer at the most famous circus you can think of in the US (I rather not say the name) and she wanted to explore the world of adult modeling as well. Basically there was a adult entertaintment party few weeks ago on a weeknight that I didn't attend and that is where my friend found her. He told her about my site and how it would be fun to do it, so that same night they came over to my place to shoot. My friend uses the "I'll help you become a star" line well and that is what got him laid fast that night. They woke me up like around 2:30 am and he told me it was urgent that he come over to do this, so I let him and I got everything on video. At first I thought I was going to join in, but I was too tired from fucking another girl earlier that night and I figure I would do Katarina myself some day, somehow, in the future. So on this video, you actually get to see me the "professional" side of me where I am barely touching the girl. And I think I did I pretty good job, I got good pictures and a great video. However, I still haven't fucked her because we haven't been in touch. But is not like I am hurting for pussy anyway, so if we cross paths again, I'll give her a load inside too
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