Private Gold 30 - Fatal Orchid (1998)

Duration: 2:23:25 Views: 41K Submitted: 8 years ago
Description: Once again, we offer you another production of the purest "Woodman" style, through which you will discover the best secrets of hard core sex. In this edition, a beautiful woman (Katja Kean) disembarks in Bangkok on a mysterious mission she is to carry out and in which sex, envy and power intermingle. You will also see the efforts of Antonio to get her to fall into his open arms; without a doubt, anther trophy for his extensive sexual curriculum. And all this along with the charm of the most beautiful women leading this luxurious cast. Don't miss this passionate story that contains all the ingredients of a magnificent thriller in the purest Private Style. Attori: Katja Kean, Eva Roberts, Bolivia Samsonite (as Anastasia), Brigitta, Henrietta Kerez (as Orchidea), Shanon Stone, Swanny, Alain Deloin, Andrew Youngman, Lolo (as Chris Belatre), David Perry, J.P.X. (as Harvey Young), Mephisto, Richard Langin
Categories: Film Porno