Private Gold 31 - Fatal Orchid 2 (1998)

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Description: If you liked the first part of the Fatal Orchid, you can't miss out on the second edition in which you'll see how Jill (Katja Kean) uses all her wit and her whole body to carry out her most dangerous mission - do away with the most important "capo" of the Bangkok Mafia: Antonio Tschiki. He, on the other hand, wants to get even with Mekkil who, in a display of boldness, robs part of his largest shipment of drugs, which he will end up paying for with his life. You shouldn't miss the unexpected outcome of this film. Attori: Bettina Campbell (as Bettina), Jasmine, Karla, Kaline (as Katalyn), Katja Kean, Sharon Ashe (as Sharon Ash), Swanny, Alain Deloin, David Perry, J.P.X. (as Harvey Young), Kevin Brad, Philippe Soine, Richard Langin, Sly
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