Lacy Hates Balls

Duration: 11:33 Views: 840 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Mistress Lacy Lennon has decided her slave's balls are practically useless. The only real use they have left is providing her with target practice to release her sadistic desires on. The slave's balls are now thoroughly locked in a vice as she would love to see them squeezed to PoP! right before her eyes. Mistress Lacy grabs a hold of her cane and immediately begins to destroy his precious manhood. The only pleasure her slave receives is when Lacy spits giant loogies on the bitch boy's face and balls. She shows zero mercy while caning his helpless manhood and sending him into pure agony. The sound of his screams brings great pleasure to her ears as she destroys his balls until they are now completely rendered useless.
Categories: BDSM