No Mercy Keyholder

Duration: 11:38 Views: 3.2K Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Mistress Lacy Lennon is as seductive and evil as they come knowing her slaves will beg for pain just to see a smile on her face. Her slave is strapped down tight with the most painful chastity device locked on his cock. With even the slightest arousal of her slave, he will be sent into complete and total agony just as his Mistress loves to witness. She will not be happy until his cock is as hard as it can be with every sharp spike digging deep into the most sensitive part of his manhood. Mistress Lacy loves to hear his cries of pain as she orders him to lick her latex covered pussy only making his cock that much harder. Her cruel and seductive ways will get her boy-toys to do anything to please her.
Categories: BDSM