Stepdaughter Plays Naughty Nurse for Stepdad

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Description: Model Alina Belle. Halloween is a big deal in my family's household, I love decorating the house for the neighborhood! This year I am a bit disappointed with my Daughter, Alina. Alina is grounded this year and is not allowed to go out with her friends. But yet she still tries to beg to go out with her friends, I can not take it anymore and just snap on her. I felt bad after she stormed off to her room, I let her calm down and go into her room and speak with her. I wanted to apologize but when I walked into her room, I found Alina in a very sexy nurse outfit. She tells me to sit down, I know something is up. I can tell by the way she is looking at me. You will never believe the treat I got from my hot Daughter this Halloween, this was no trick!