Game of Seductions Vol 1 E2

Duration: 28:00 Views: 338 Submitted: 8 months ago
Description: Models Haley Reed, Kenzie Reeves. Haley (Haley Reed) believes that what happened to Kenzie (Kenzie Reeves) could never happen to her. She’s willing to bet that her boyfriend, Codey (Codey Steele), would never cheat on her so Haley and Kenzie decide to test his loyalty. With Haley hidden close by and watching, Kenzie does her best to seduce the unsuspecting Codey. His resistance is nonexistent and a shocked Haley watches her boyfriend and bff lock lips. Haley emerges from hiding and confronts Codey but Kenzie soon reveals that it was all a setup. Codey becomes pissed-off and takes charge of the situation. He soon has Haley and Kenzie eagerly gagging on his cock. Codey takes turns giving Kenzie and Haley a good dick-down until the two slutty bff finish him off with their mouths. Kenzie and Haley savor the taste of Codey’s huge creamy load.