Cory Chase in Cheating Wife Loves BBC

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Description: <strong><span class="post-color-text" style="color: darkred;"><span class="post-b">Fixing My Computer and then More:</span></span></strong><br /> I invite my husband's best employee over to take a look at my slow running computer.<br /> Luke is out of town on business and I am all alone with nobody to touch my hot milf body.<br /> Jonathan has a seat and begins looking at my laptop. He runs a defrag and more but<br /> he has no idea my robe is slipping off. He turns around to see me only wearing my sexiest<br /> Lingerie and I see his huge BBC growing in his jeans.<br /> He asked about Luke but I assured Jonathan we were alone all week. He asked for compensation<br /> for his time and he gladly accepted my body as payment...Funny thing, he asked if there were<br /> any other laptops for him to work on. I told him no, but there were many other parts of<br /> my Body he could work on!<span class="post-br"><br /></span><span class="post-color-text" style="color: darkred;"><span class="post-b"><br /><strong>BBC Creampie:</strong></span></span><br /> My Husband I are having baby issues...He just cannot seem to get my pregnant...Jonathan is<br /> invited over again to give me that BBC but he has no idea what I also need.<br /> I tell him the pregnancy issues and he is more than happy to help out and give me a big thick<br /> load in my tight bushed pussy. He pulls out his 12 inch BBC and I suck and stroke it,<br /> not much is needed to get him hard. Next comes some kissing and then he slides my panties off...<br /> Who knew Jonathan could also eat some pussy too!<br /> Just before he slides that big 12 inch in, I suck him off and get it nice and wet. He is such<br /> a gentleman and lets me cum first...a couple of times before he unloads into my hungry MILF pussy!<br /> 9 months from now, my Husband is in for a big surprise!!!<span class="post-br"><br /></span><strong><span class="post-color-text" style="color: darkred;"><span class="post-b"><br />Watch What this BBC Can do For Me:</span></span></strong><br /> I know what you want, you want to see how far he can stick this BBC in me. He gags me with the BBC,<br /> then he Titty fucks me...You know what is last but not least...My Ass! Jonathan lays his BBC on<br /> my butt cheeks to show the full length of his cock... Just the tip first in the tight hole but there<br /> is room, it stretches. He sticks in the tip and then further and further till the entire shaft is in...<br /> I love it and want more, but not till later. I clean off the cock as he pulls out of my dirty ass.<br /> Only BBC for me this week!<span class="post-br"><br /></span><strong><span class="post-color-text" style="color: darkred;"><span class="post-b"><br />I have Been a Bad Wire:</span></span></strong><br /> Jonathan came over to fix my broken dinner table...What he really came over was to see if the table<br /> could hold me while he fucked all my tight holes...Good thing he does not mind playing silly games,<br /> especially when it involves fucking my ass and pussy. He asks when my Husband will be home,<br /> I tell him not to worry and just fuck me to check the sterdiness of the table. He does just that and<br /> slides his BBC into my tight asshole. I tell him to hold in while my ass stretches and then go nice<br /> and slow as I watch the BBC slide in and out.<br /> I had one more confession for him...I love Ass to Pussy! He grants my wish and goes back and forth<br /> from my dirty little asshole to my tight pussy. Then to finish the deal he fucks me till I cum and<br /> then fills my mouth with his beautiful cum and I swallow every drop!