Lesbian Anal Vol. 5 Scene 4 - It's payback time

Duration: 34:39 Views: 965 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Lacey (Lacey Lennon) is getting ready to go to work. Her husband Sam (Sam Shock) does the same when Adriana (Adriana Chechik), Lacey's best friend, texted him. She's downstairs ready to see him. Sam tries to pressure his wife to leave the house without getting caught. When she finally leaves the house, Sam and Adriana run to the bedroom. Unfortunately for them, Lacey forgot her iPad so she comes back to get it. Sam runs to hide himself in the closet leaving Adriana naked and butt up on the bed. She didn't hear Lacey coming in the room. When Lacey notices her best friend in her bed, she grabs the big toy on her shelf and puts it deep inside Adriana's butt. Lacey decides to give her best friend the sex she really deserves and that her husband will never be capable of giving her.