The cute girl Gia Dimarco from next door

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Description: Welcome <strong>Gia Dimarco</strong> to Device Bondage. This 24 year old (note: 2010 video) could be that girl that lives next to you. <strong>Sexy</strong>, cute little bangs, nice body, smiles when she walks by, overall a sweet, <strong>nice girl</strong>.<span class="post-br"><br /></span>We eat nice girls for breakfast and shit out helpless <strong>bondage whores</strong> at lunch. Once we put little miss snowflake in our custom metal bondage and cut off her worthless clothes, we discover a different girl underneath. We discover a slut with a <strong>shaved wet pussy</strong>; a <strong>bitch</strong> with big hard nipples. Gone is the cute little girl next door, and in her place is an excited, soaking wet object that we are going to abuse, fuck and make cum over and over.<span class="post-br"><br /></span>We <strong>torture</strong> her huge nipples and flog her shaved pussy. We vibrate her clit and she cums! Then we jam our best <strong>fucking machine</strong> (Alpha) in her and fuck her fast and hard to multiple <strong>orgasms</strong>! If you ever wanted to hear the girl next door beg to please stop making her cum, then this is your chance.
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