If you have a perfect ass You're going to get fucked

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Description: Maestro and <strong>Gia DiMarco</strong> - If you have a perfect ass & get mummified with your ass sticking up You're going to get fucked.<br />Gia DiMarco is our victim and we have an array of people to fuck with her. As always, we start with the escape challenge. Four <strong>leather belts</strong> tightly bind our little <strong>bitch</strong> and we see if she can escape in 5 minutes or less. Failure brings pain. Success brings the reward of an <strong>orgasm</strong>.<br /> We mummified our thin <strong>sexy</strong> long legged beauty in the spirit of Halloween. After she's completely wrapped up we chain her down with her perfect ass sticking up and out, just begging for attention. We cane and flog her entire body, and when she thinks that the pain will never stop Maestro jumps on the whore and fucks her into sub-space. This is just the start of a great live show to cum.
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